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August 2010 - Marie Adams

Purchased item # 5143 to make my husband his favorite bloomin� onion appetizer, now I don�t have to make the painstaking trip to Outback, instead inside my own home! Shipping price was great and delivered 2 days after, easy to use site.

June 2010 - Ruby Ayers.

I bought the cupcake injector 3566 for my young daughter, easy to use even for her, wanted to have her help me decorate cakes during our bonding time � thanks planetappliance webstore!

June 2010 - Ruby Ayers.

Great selection and prices and the shipping is totally fair! Great discount pricing and prompt delivery thanks NPWS!

May 2010 - Donna Martin.

I ordered the planetappliance roasting rack as a Christmas gift for my cousin. I knew she needed one because she was always borrowing mine. She opened it Christmas morning and used it for our prime rib for dinner that night. Highly recommend your product and planetappliance webstore. Such a painless way to shop!

June 2010 - Shirley Salvatore.

My recently purchased bacon press works very well. The bacon cooks evenly and nicely crisp. If I had one wish, it would be round and fit right into my 10 inch skillet. I have not tried the Egg/Pancake Rings yet - I really was interested in the press. Pricing was reasonable. I received the product in a timely manner. I am a satisfied customer and hopefully will be a repeat one.

July 2010 - Lisa Franks.

I love my Planetappliance Mandolin Slicer. It is well made and the blades are very sharp and make slicing so easy..Even tomatoes. I definitely recommend this product to all.

June 2010 - Jane Futterer.

NPWS has a great bundle package that isn�t anywhere else on the web, I bought the complete cutlery set for my kitchen, now everything much more organized.

February 2010 - Diane Carter.

Bought a 4 piece set of the KRONA line and I never had such a more durable and beautifully designed set of cookware before, made of pure stainless steel easy to clean and use, highly recommend.

July 2010 - David Collins.

I bought my grandmother a couple of the grip-ez kitchen tools, because she has arthritis in her wrists, and she praises how comfortable and painless the grips are on her hands, she finally got back into doing some of her light cooking again � great.

June 2010 - Melissa Guthrie.

Bought the roasting pan to try out as others have disappointed me, this roasting stand is the perfect method for roasting chicken. The fat literally drips off the chicken but still keeps the flavor in all the meats while giving a healthier edge to cooking, highly recommend!!

May 2010 - Jennifer Heaston.

I recently bought my sister the silicone strainers and the flexible cutting boards, I wanted to add a little bit more color to her kitchen and she fell in love with them, they are great for preparing your food with also!

March 2010 - Stina Johnson.

I wanted to get something so me and my daughter could make, I got the silicone ice pop makers, she enjoys it just as much as me because it keeps her preoccupied while I can still cook my main entrees � shipping was quick and price was great

May 2010 - Linda Simmons.

The deluxe corkscrew works just fine and does what its supposed to do with those hard to open champagne bottles, bought a few dozen of these for my co-workers nice small gift for the friends.

July 2010 - Shirin Tabatabai.

I own a small ice cream shop and I recently wanted to try out the cherry pitter being sold on the site, it does EXACTLY what its supposed to do, now I can get the fresh cherries and not have to sacrifice for the ones already pitted, pitting is easy with this wonderful tool.

June 2010 - Christine Davies.

Love the selection from the sea essentials, I bought myself a few lobster crackers and fish poachers because I usually prepare fish for my family when my husband goes out and catches, shipping was very fast.

May 2010 - Julie Thompson.

Bought a few of the pancake molds so I can decorate this years holiday breakfasts for the family, trying to be a little more creative and NPWS has a lot of tools to be creative and the price is always right.

April 2010 - Jessica Wyatt.

Great customer service and love the discount pricing with the free shipping its just 1 better deal after another, items always in stock and I know I�ll always have my order fulfilled, returning customer.

March 2010 - Nancy Toborowsky.

Planetappliance chopper 837 I bought a few days ago cuts through my vegetables with ease and makes it easier to have thin sliced veggies for my stews and entr�e�s, also use it for making fruit salads highly recommend.

February 2010 - Abigail Thurston.

The stovetop espresso maker is easy to use and im the type that enjoys the traditional method of making a fine Italian beverage, and this does just that, thanks NPWS!

January 2010 - Jan Thedford.

The apple master corer cores apples and peels them too a 2-in-1 delight! Quickly and easily this tool moves so you can enjoy the entire apple for what its really worth!

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